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There are so many great games created every day that access to some of the best titles is no longer solely for the PC or console. Thanks to xCloud and its cloud save feature, you can now pick up your iPhone and continue your gaming session on other devices. To join, all you need is Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, a device to play on, a controller (sometimes), and an internet connection. If you’re new to xCloud on your iPhone, you may be wondering where to start. We’ve gathered the best xCloud games on iPhone for you to try! Remember, these games are all included for free with your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership.
Gold and more!
Get everything you would get with an Xbox Live Gold membership, plus the ability to play your games from your iPhone with cloud save capability. You also get EA Play membership and exclusive discounts.
Source: iMore
Mojang Studios has taken Minecraft a step further and added a story!
While Minecraft focuses on resource collection and creating materials and structures, Minecraft Dungeons takes all the things you love about Minecraft and adds in a dungeon-crawling element! When playing on your iPhone, you don’t even have to pair a controller as it has touch controls enabled with super customizable control options.
Create a character all your own, choose your favorite way to fight and take down the Arch-Illager!
Minecraft but with an adventure to follow! Battle your way through the dungeons to defeat the Arch-Illager.
Source: Snail Games USA
It’s like you’re in Jurassic Park without any sign of civilization.
If you like survival games, try upping your game with an added challenge, dinosaurs. Not only do you have to find food, create shelter, make clean water, and get all your basics down, but you also have to learn to tame or kill the dinosaurs that share your space. You might even be able to ride one if you approach it the right way. This game does not have touch capability, so you may want to pick up one of the best game controllers for iPhone to enjoy this on the go.
Could you have survived in a truly primitive time with dinosaurs roaming? Test your survival skills in ARK Survival Evolved. This edition includes the Scorched Earth, Aberration, and Extinction Expansion Packs!
Source: Microsoft
It’s the pirate’s life for you, and it’s all yours to build!
In this MMO, you will never play the same game twice. Where you explore, who you encounter, and how you move forward are all up to you as you build your legend. Go it solo or with a crew. You can even join other ships in battle. But be careful, they are all pirates after all.
In true pirate fashion, there are no rules here. How you choose to explore, interact, treasure hunt, and maybe even conquer is up to you.
Source: Behaviour Interactive Inc.
You have an important choice, survive or kill.
In this four versus one multiplayer, four people play as survivors, ideally surviving, while the other plays as the killer trying to catch and eliminate the survivors before daylight. There is only so much time to escape; survivors must get out fast, avoiding potential traps left out by the killer without being caught. Which side will you choose?
Bring your love of horror movies to virtual life! Choose to see if you would survive your encounter with a killer or if anyone would survive you as the killer.
Source: Xbox Game Studios
After almost a hundred thousand years, the flood we thought was controlled is again a threat to the human race, and that is just the beginning. The supersoldier, Master Chief, goes on a long journey for humanity through 67 missions. Enjoy the campaign or jump into the multiplayer options of any of the six games.
Start at the beginning of this beloved journey and take it into your hands with the Master Chief Collection. Destroy the Covenant as the best supersoldier.
Source: Nintendo
They may be cute, but this fierce duo is out for a fight!
In this classic platformer, Banjo and Kazooie are on a mission to save Banjo’s sister Tooty from Gruntilda. Using their unique skills together, they solve puzzles and battle their way through Gruntilda’s lair. Can they stop her before her vanity becomes the end of Tooty?
Banjo’s sister is in trouble! Can this dynamic duo save her from Gruntilda’s greedy plan?
Source: iMore
Eight journeys become one in this award-winning turn-based strategy game. As you make your way through each character’s journey one at a time, you come to discover how their paths intertwine. Enjoy this beautiful 2D RPG style in a 3D setting as you take on many foes throughout Orsterra.
Eight heroes on their own journeys come together as they explore Orsterra. Play through their stories to discover how it all intermingles in the end.
Source: Square Enix
As the Luminary, you and your friends fight to keep Erdrea free from darkness. With the Definitive Edition, you get various choices like the original soundtrack or the grand orchestral music and 2D or 3D graphics, plus more.
Explore the open Dragon Quest world and the many side quests it has to offer. Protect Erdrea from the evil that threatens it!
Source: Boneloaf
A game best played with friends, Gang Beasts brings in humor and challenge. Melee or choose a gang and see your floppy, customized character brawl to the end! Take over Beef City.
Grab your friends and hold tight as you fight your way through the tough scene of Beef City. These wobbly characters are fighting for their gang! May the best one win.
Source: Ubisoft
For a game like this, your team is everything. It’s 5 vs. 5. You and your team must either infiltrate another’s base or protect your own. Every move matters, and you have a wide array of tools to use!
Get a team of five together and get ready to battle 5 v. 5. Defend your base or get through treacherous terrain to attack the enemy and come out on top.
Source: Team17 Digital Ltd
The craziness continues! The Onion Kingdom is under attack by the Unbread. You and your team of chefs need to keep a tidy and organized kitchen to get the highest score to satisfy the Unbread’s hunger. There are more and more challenges at each level.
The Onion Kingdom is under attack again! Can you and your chefs keep your kitchen organized enough to save the world?
Source: Motion Twin
Die and lose it all. In Dead Cells, there’s no way to save your progress, and the game changes when you die. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take the time to explore the maps. It may lead you to something useful. Use the 50+ abilities and weapons to fight your way to the end.
All you get is one opportunity. When you die in Dead Cells, it’s the end, and you must start all over. Build your custom character and get ready to fight for your life.
With all the free games you can access with xCloud there are hours and hours of entertainment available for you to play directly from your iPhone, anywhere. One thing you might want to look for if you don’t want to pack a controller with you is which games have touch control. While xCloud is currently in the Beta phase, we’re loving walking away from our console and picking up where we left off on iPhone.
This list is just a few of the many games you can pick up for free with your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership. What are you looking forward to playing?
We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Learn more.
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